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“A parents relationship may be over, but your Children have just begun.”

If you’re reading this, you have concerns that need attending to.

The well-being of a child or children will sit above all other challenges you may be facing. Your concern as a parent, a grand-parent or another family member is as natural as it is justified.

If you are experiencing concern for a child or children, there is much to be done and there is no time to waste.

Whether your concerns relate to Safety, Custody, Support and Maintenance, Paternity, Relocation, enforcement of Parenting Plans (or Court Orders) or Criminal activity, seeking clarity about your rights is essential.

Equally so, you will need to understand the rights of your child or children, and those of other related people.

One right sits above all others and that is the right for all Children to be safe. Our priority will always be to protect the safety of your child or children and to act quickly and decisively to ensure this occurs.

Attending to the needs of Children in a formal way is complex and requires expansive legal and personal expertise to fully appreciate the situation you and your child or children are in.

If you are a distressed Parent, Grand Parent or family member, contact our Gold Coast or Brisbane office now.

Our lawyers are not learning on the job, they know what to do. That’s why experience counts.