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Meet Danielle.
Danielle Freestone
Family Lawyer

I have worked within the legal industry since 2013.  Whilst I have experience that ranges across many areas of law, Family Law is where I found my passion lies, and where my expertise has grown.

Within Family Law, I have particular interest in assisting clients with their parenting disputes, but my expertise extends across divorce, binding financial agreements and all property settlement matters.

Family Law is an area of law that requires more than just legal knowledge, it also requires empathy and compassion. I strive to not only assist my clients from a legal perspective, but to also support them through what is a traumatic time in their lives. I am aware of the emotional costs of family law disputes and attempt to assist with strategies to achieve my client’s desired goal as quickly as possible so they can move forward in life.

In addition to my law degree, I also have degrees in both Psychological Science and Criminology and Criminal Justice, each of which complement my everyday practice of Family Law, my desire to help people and deepen my understanding and compassion as a Family Lawyer.

In my spare time I like to stay active and go on adventures with my partner and my French bulldog, Zala.  Our adventures are truly that and usually a mix of remote camping and sampling diverse and new South East eateries!