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“Relationships are complicated, ending one can be even more complicated.”

The good news is that once you decide to get a Divorce, it is a fairly straightforward process.

Put simply, a Divorce is the official termination of your marriage.

A Divorce allows you to legally re-marry, and for a lot of people, it also clears the way in helping to make a fresh start.

It is important to understand that getting a Divorce is largely a procedural process that does not include sorting out matters relating to your Children or your Asset Splitting. If either of these apply, you will need to attend to them separate to you Divorce application.

To satisfy the Divorce process you will need to meet some basic preconditions such as being separated for twelve months and there being no chance of reconciliation. Like all legal processes, there are technicalities, for example, being separated for twelve months does not necessarily mean you have had to live apart for that period.

For most people the basic preconditions are easy to meet and in circumstances where your life is, or has been, traumatic enough, seeking conclusive, straightforward legal advice is likely to be a good investment.

Our Brisbane and Gold Coast lawyers are expert in the Divorce process and will attend to it with haste and without fuss. Our Divorce Fixed Fee is available in most cases, so please ask us about it.

At Neilson Law the lawyer you speak with is the lawyer who does the legal work.