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Meet Kassandra.
Kassandra Neilson
Legal Practitioner Director

Neilson Law specialises in Family Law. We are experts.

The legal team I have assembled at Neilson Law are experienced, no nonsense lawyers. We are about working for you and reaching outcomes. We know our stuff and are not learning on the job.

I was admitted as a solicitor in 2005 and have practiced in family law since then.

As Neilson Law’s Legal Practitioner Director, I oversee, and am across all the firm’s files.

My speciality is assisting high net worth individuals with complex Property disputes. Property can encompass many things and often includes businesses, sophisticated investment structures, trusts, loans, commercial and residential property, and self-managed superannuation funds.

Where external expert advice is required Neilson Law utilise our extensive network of accountants, barristers, commercial solicitors, forensic experts, valuers and others. No stone is left unturned.

I am also very experienced with Parenting disputes of all types. This knows no bounds and can include parenting arrangements, child support, interstate and international relocation, Hague Convention international agreement, grandparents’ rights and everything in between.

My earlier appointment (not current) as an Independent Children’s Lawyer and Separate Representative to represent children in various complex parenting cases and child protection cases has provided me with experience few others earn.

Asset Protection is an increasing area of interest to many couples and led by me, Neilson Law are experts in the preparation and execution of Financial Agreements for people wishing to protect their assets before and during marriage (relationship), and for those who have decided to head their separate ways.

The legal process is what we are expert in, but experience tells me clients want a little more than that. Neilson Law will provide you with support right throughout your matter and make sure you understand the process every step of the way.

I’m not all work and love spending time with my husband, daughter and our twin French bulldogs, Archie and Reggie. When I’m not at work, I enjoy going to markets, taking day trips with the family, and relaxing by the water.