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“Within the difficulty of every Mediation lies opportunity.”

The best piece of advice we can give you, is to stay out of Court wherever possible.

And, if you and your former partner’s views are apart and immovable, the best course of action for you may be to attend formal Mediation.

In fact, you may be required to attend Mediation even if your preferred strategy is to progress your case to the Court.

A Mediation is literally a round table discussion arbitrated by an independent, qualified Mediator with the target of settling your dispute (including Family Dispute Resolution). It is a significant recognised step towards formalising an agreement with your former partner and bringing to an end a difficult phase of your life.

With the support of an experienced lawyer from our Gold Coast or Brisbane office by your side, attending a Mediation will offer you great opportunity to each an agreement without incurring significant further legal cost.

Mediation will be a new experience for you, but it won’t be for our lawyers.