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Meet Simon.
Simon Harvey
Accredited Family Law Specialist

I am one of Queensland’s most experienced Family Lawyers and have practised in the area of family and relationship law throughout my legal career. I have been an Accredited Family Law Specialist for more than 20 years.

My extensive experience ensures I am a mentor to others at Neilson Law, but given their own substantial experience, I am generally able to utilise all of my own experience and knowledge for the benefit of clients which is what brings me most satisfaction.

My experience extends to all areas of Family Law and as the Court system has become more clogged and more expensive, I have successfully turned my hand to specialising in resolution by way of negotiation, mediation and arbitration. If these measures are unsuccessful, Court is an opportunity for me to use all of my years’ experience and knowledge.

And make no mistake, in a fierce negotiation or a hostile Court, experience counts.

Whether it be a Property or a Parenting matter, a successful settlement is my objective and depending on the nature of your matter, this can often be documented by Consent Orders, a Binding Financial Agreement, or a Binding Child Support Agreement (or a combination of these).

I am dedicated to serving my clients to obtain the best possible outcome in any particular circumstance, and to tailor my legal services to the individual needs of clients.

Sometimes this will involve frank discussion, but the required empathy for your situation will never be forgotten.

In my leisure time, I enjoy spending time with my own family, and travelling with my wife in Australia and overseas. I also enjoy the football and am a great fan of test match cricket.